RRR: The Epic Indian Action Movie That Goes ALL-IN on EVERYTHING

RRR (Rise, Roar and Revolt) is a brand-new Indian movie that has Katie VERY enthusiastic because of the insane action, the crazy high energy and the men’s fashions. Just don’t talk to her about whatever it is the women are wearing!

It is a HUGE blockbuster in India and worldwide and you can see it on Netflix right now – but first listen to this episode to hear exactly how awesome it is.

BTWs include:

  • What is Tollywood and why is it different from Bollywood
  • Why you should watch RRR with British people

Moment Of Meta

In the Moment Of Meta we talk about an ad that enraged Alex and how to use hobbies as a source of enthusiasm.


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3 Replies to “RRR: The Epic Indian Action Movie That Goes ALL-IN on EVERYTHING”

  1. Sometimes it’s difficult to convince someone to watch a movie outside their comfort zone especially a foreign language film with subtitles. But its really nice that you guys are enthusiastic about this movie. Hope a lot of people give RRR a try after watching your video. Thank you.


    1. Alexander Kjerulf August 19, 2022 at 1:24 pm

      Thanks – we’re so glad we got introduced to the sheer utter awesomeness of RRR.


  2. First of all, I loved the Podcast on YT…
    I love this movie, RRR, and I’m obsessed with it…
    I’ve watched it 3 times in theaters, and dozens of times on Netflix…
    And since it came on Netflix in mid-May, I’ve seen every video on YT of people reacting to it and reviewing it…
    Hence my feed today showed you guys… glad it did…
    Now, I’m waiting for Alex’s review or maybe a reaction video…
    Already subscribed…


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