Christmas Food: Traditional Weirdness From Around The World

Food is amazing and Christmas is amazing – so it just makes sense that Christmas food is all kinds of amazing!

In this episode Alex and Katie team up to talk about their favorite seasonal dishes plus also weird Christmas foods from all over the world.

BTWs include traditions, commensality and Slovakian bathtub carps.

We keep the theme going In the moment of meta and talk about being enthusiastic about eating (as opposed to being ashamed about it).


Disordered eating support:

Cha Chaan Teng: Hong Kong’s Bizarre East/West Fusion Diners

In this episode we talk food and that gets Katie REALLY excited as she shares her enthusiasm for Hong Kong’s Cha Chaan Tengs – cheap informal eateries that serve a bizarre but delicious Asian take on the western food that the British served in their restaurants.

Hear about the pineapple buns that contain zero pineapple, the deep fried peanut butter french toast and Katie’s mom’s favorite midnight snack: macaroni soup.

Katie even gets Alex to make some Hong Kong milk tea and try it on the show… hear if he likes it.

BTWs include:

  • The most disgusting food Anthony Bourdain ever tasted
  • Why you never drink the first tea they bring you in a Cha Chaan Teng
  • Impulsive tattoos
  • How to make straight people come out as straight

Moment Of Meta

In the Moment Of Meta we talk about the research that shows that enthusiasm is good for you and can lead to more happiness and a better sex life. Katie and Alex also take a test that reveals their top strengths and biggest weaknesses.