And now we’re enthusiastic on YouTube too

In our quest to make the entire world more enthusiastic we have decided to also release our podcast episodes on Youtube – in addition of course to all the regular podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and so on.

That’s awesome because on YouTube you can see us while we talk. If that is not your thing, we perfectly understand 🙂

Also, in some of our earlier episodes, we hadn’t figured out that whole video thing yet, so those are only going to have sound… but NOW we have it. We hope 🙂

I think having video is especially awesome for something like the guest episode with Jonathan Stout where you can actually see his amazing 1920s guitars and watch him play them:

Watch Electric Enthusiasm on YouTube – and please consider subscribing.

Enthusiastic podcast guests wanted

We are looking for highly enthusiastic guests for some of our upcoming podcast episodes. Are you super excited about something and willing to share your passion with us and our enthusiastic audience? Let us know in a comment here.

You get bonus points if your enthusiasm is for something unusual that people think could not possibly be exciting. Everyone can get excited about scuba diving in the Caribbean – but it would be even more impressive if you can infect us with your love of tax law, taxidermy or taxonomy (or other topics not beginning with tax).

And we’re still looking to fulfil our challenge of finding someone a guest can make us enthusiastic about accounting 🙂

Write a comment below or email us at